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Micro Link Weave Style

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Full Hair Weave Style

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Shampoo and style 
$60 (relaxed hair)

Shampoo and style/with MOISTURIZING treatment 
$80 (relaxed hair)

Shampoo and style/with PROTEIN treatment 
$90 (relaxed hair)

Shampoo and style/trim 
$90 (relaxed hair)

Shampoo and style/cut 
$100 (relaxed hair)

Shampoo and set 
$60 (relaxed hair)

Shampoo and style/demi-color 
$90 (relaxed hair)

Shampoo and style/with weave 

Take down weave/shampoo only 

Thermal/Silk Press Natural Hair
$75 & up


Relaxer- tup 



$150 (semi-demi color)

Trim only 

Cut only 

Rod set 

Quick weave 

2 Strand twist set (Twist out)

Demi-permanent color 

Protein and Moisturizing Treatments 
$20 & up

Hydration steam treatment

Thermal/Silk Press and permanent color (single process)
One Step Smoothing System (Amino Acid Treatment)

*Other services not available online
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*Full weave 
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